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June 29, 2010


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Susan Gardner

OMG I love Opie & Dixie and am so happy there are organic pet products and supplements made with pure ingredients, in the beautiful packaging - and made with love. Thank you Opie & Dixie.

Debbie Guardian

Opal (Opie), Dixie and I have been wanting to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful review of our line. You made our day! Our week, actually. No, month! You made our entire month! Many, many thanks (and slobbery slurps from the girls)!


Thanks for the info on the puppies. One of my reuescs can't walk and i have to give him a bath a couple times a week. My cocker mix would love to test the ear cleaner. I have always worried about the bright blue stuff. I should also try some natural products on my cat who was inbred and appears to be allergic to her hair when it grows too long.


I sincerely bievele that Heaven is home (too) of those animal companions whom we love and have loved in our lifetimes. Including chickens. :)But the idea of bodily necessities and all the other incumberances that complete our human existence in the hearandnow being later present in Heaven, I have often wondered about: in Heaven do we ache and hurt, does our skin get knicked in accidents, is there bad food that makes us sick at times. And then I stop thinking about it because Heaven's told us to be the eternity blessed with God as constant companion, and thus, no harms exist there, no pain, no sickness, no spoilage and we are said to be, once included in Heaven, of a spiritual body, no longer human. So we'll be of spiritual bodies and I really don't know what God translates that to as for the dogs, cats, chickens, horses, all whom we have loved when human found later in Heaven, if so. We will only have our imaginations and the Bible to describe what will be, for now A big aspect of those walks with our dogs are about relationship, which I am sure continues in Heaven when there's love present.”A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10


My dog Kona is in desperate need of some nataurl products for her not so nataurl smell - she likes to roll around on the ground in anything dead. She's a lab cross so I have to clean her ears several times every week.Pick me - pick me!Felicia(from Canada)

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