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June 28, 2010


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I was really spirursed at how craptacular this was. The X server was annoying, but the fact that the desktop version wouldn't even boot a ThinkPad was hard to take. I didn't even get to the X server. As I say, RedHat and Mandrake had this worked out in 1998 or earlier. X is something I could probably have worked through, but I stopped worrying about it when I realized I had the server version installed. And it's not like I have found an XF86 config that work on my FreeBSD system and the flat-panel display it came with. I don't need it to display on localhost, so it's no big deal. A laptop, however . . . . What other distro can you recommend? My initial reason to try linux was for the perceived better hardware support. But, you know, wow. This really makes me think a little more about my reasoning there.

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